I charge $58/hour for my Website Design Services.

The typical website takes 15 – 20 hours to design.

The price of a website depends on a number of factors. First you will have the fixed and recurring costs associated the basics and the running of the website such as your domain name, hosting and email. Then you have the design related costs of developing the website. Design costs will vary greatly and depend on the complexity of your website as well as a number of other factors listed below.

Fixed costs of the website.

  1. Domain name: About $14 year.
  2. Hosting service: About $60 year.
  3. Email: Usually free for the first year. It is usually a good idea to have a domain related email account for your website. That’s an email account that has your domain name at the end of your email address. Example: mike@michaelcoviello.com. It makes your website look more respectable and professional. Such and email account is usually included with your hosting service (at least for the first year).
  4. WordPress theme: (About $60, one time expense). The theme of your website is a per-designed package of files and software that controls the layout and format of your website. A good theme makes all the difference in the world, especially if you want to update and make changes to the website by yourself.
  5. Miscellaneous optional costs: You may have additional costs for images that you purchase, premium plugins that you purchase and third party services that you purchase.

Factors that can effect the cost of your website:

  • Complexity of website pages.
  • Number of pages in the website.
  • Will the website contain a Blog?
  • Will the website have a Gallery?
  • Will the website have a Portfolio?
  • Who selects the images?
  • Do you need a logo created?
  • Do you need banners or graphics created?
  • Do you require images to be edited?
  • Do you need a store and shopping cart?
  • Do you need Paypal?
  • Do you need popups installed?
  • Do you need an events calendar?
  • Do you need email collection services configured and installed such as Aweber, Mailchimp and Infustionsoft?
  • Do you need a membership plugin installed and configured?
  • Do you need other special plugins installed and configured?
  • Do you need SEO configured for the pages of your website?