How To Proceed

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Visit my Pricing page for the costs involved with your new website.

For your website you will need a domain name and hosting services provided by a hosting company.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is the unique name of your website and the hosting company is the company that owns the computers/servers where the files of your website will reside.

What is a hosting company?

The hosting company will take care of all of the technical stuff to make your website work on the internet. An email account usually comes with the hosting services.

Domain Name: $14/year
Hosting: $5/month.

If You Need A Domain Name & Hosting Account

For WordPress websites, I recommend using GoDaddy or Bluehost. GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registration and hosting companies (if not the largest) and has an excellent customer support service system. Their Managed WordPress Hosting is designed specifically for WordPress websites so your site is secure and runs fast. One of the features that I like the best is that they do nightly backups of the website, so if anything ever goes wrong with it, it can be easily restored to a previous version. Bluehost offers the same type of managed WordPress hosting service and is actually recommended by WordPress.

Let me know if you need help getting and setting up your domain and web hosting account and I will walk you through the process over the phone.

Search the internet and find a website that you like the looks of, then provide me the url of the website so I can model your website after it.
The theme of your website is a pre-designed package of files and software that controls the layout and format of your website. A good theme makes all the difference in the world, especially if you want to update and make changes to the website by yourself.

Stay away from Free themes. Free themes are more susceptible to virues and security issues and are likely to be of lower quality.

Stay away from New themes. Newly released themes don’t have a history or performance or ratings. All of the “bugs” may not be worked out yet and you don’t know if the developer of the theme will be around next year to update the theme or provide support. It’s better to go with and established theme with proven history and track record.

I suggest using the Avada WordPress theme. When the page opens, click on the “Live Preview” button to see the different layouts and formats the theme is capable of making. The Avada theme is loaded with features and capabilities and will make updating your website by yourself easy after the design is completed.

Avada Theme – #1 Selling Theme of All Time

If You Would Like To Hire Me

  1. You can hire me directly.
    A $500 deposit is required before I begin work on your website. This will cover the first 11 hours of my work effort. I will invoice you for additional hours worked. All invoices will be via PayPal or check.
  2. You can hire me through
    is an online management system that manages the job between the client (you) and the freelancer (me). They keep track of the number of hours worked, handle payments and management of the job. You will have to create an account with, post a job and invite me to submit a proposal.
If you don’t know how to use WordPress, I can provide you with instruction showing you how to maintain and edit your website. (Instruction generally involves a 3-4 hour phone lesson where I walk you through each menu item and function of your WordPress website).
Your biggest work effort will be to gather and organize your content. This is the information you will present to your visitors. Generally your content will be divided into textual content, images, photographs,graphics and tables of information.

Great images really makes a website look beautiful and appealing. Take some time and think about what photos might look good on your site. If you don’t have images of your own, consider using stock photographs and graphics. Good pictures really enhance the beauty of your site and help convey the meaning and message of your site.

Once you have decided what information you want to include on your site, think about how to logically divide this information into the pages of your site.

Next think through the navigation of your site. What information will be on your home (front) page and how will your visitors access other pages? For many sites this will be easy and obvious but its still valuable to think through how your visitors will navigate the content on your site. If you are planning to add more content over time, how will this new content be integrated into the existing site.

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